Telephone Interview Tips

In this current environment, face to face interviews simply aren’t possible so we have compiled some Telephone Interview Tips that might be helpful.

Recruitment has not come to a complete standstill and technology is being used to conduct interviews. Either in preparation for a future start date or remotely taking up your new role, here are a few ideas.

We’ve updated a blogpost that we wrote in the past about telephone techniques, hopefully these may help your preparation:
  • SMILE – cannot stress this enough. You don’t have the benefit of the interviewer seeing you so your body language won’t help but smiling will
  • Take your time, speak slowly and clearly
  • Sit up properly as you would with any interview – consider standing as this will allow you to project your voice better
  • Turn off call waiting
  • Ensure you have good phone coverage and that your phone is fully charged
  • Have a glass of water close by
  • Don’t eat/drink (apart from water if you need it) /chew gum/smoke
  • Try not to interrupt and listen
  • Remove all possible distractions and ensure no disruptions. No pets or children interrupting. Get a babysitter if you have to!
  • If possible, get a friend to phone you, have a mock interview and record it. As always, practice makes perfect
  • Have a copy of your CV and the job spec in front of you
  • Have a pen and paper, take notes as you go

The real benefit of this type of interview is that you can have your own prepared notes. As usual you must have your company research done and prepare as you would for any interview. But now you get to write down a few important notes on post-its. This will remind you to get important points across but don’t read from a script.

In short you must prepare as you would for any regular interview. At Carrick Recruitment we assist all our candidates with interview preparation as much as possible.

Hopefully these Telephone Interview Tips will help.

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