Your LinkedIn Profile


So you’re looking for a job? But nobody seems to be approaching you via LinkedIn….time to reassess and review your profile because chances are you’re doing something wrong!

Right now there is such a shortage of available candidates that recruiters and HR staff are actively approaching people to see if they are interested in moving on.

Get the basics right with your LinkedIn profile:

  • Add a photo. Why would you wish to remain anonymous? Presumably you have a picture on Facebook so why not on LinkedIn? When it comes to the photo you don’t have to get it professionally done but holding a bottle of beer is probably not the best look…
  • No spelling mistakes etc. – Remember this is your online CV so it’s important that the first impression is a good one
  • Just like your paper CV start off with a brief summary of yourself
  • Think about what type of job you want – you need to brand yourself accordingly. Recruiters generally search according to the role that they are working on so ensure that you include a good headline
  • Recommendations are always good. If clients or colleagues are prepared to write a few lines about you then this can be very beneficial
  • Include your contact details or at least your email
  • Don’t forget to update your profile over time. Your electronic CV should be updated regularly

These are just some of the more basic tips for LinkedIn. If you want any more help or advice just give us a call on 01 2548105 or