Cover Letter Tips

cover-letter1We’ve seen so many applicants blowing their chances at getting an interview because they didn’t take the time and effort to write a good cover letter.

At Carrick Recruitment we believe that the cover letter should be given the same care and attention that is given to the CV.

A few tips:

  • If you know the name of the person you are writing to, use it! Don’t start off with Dear Sir/Madam when it can be avoided. This makes the application more personal.
  • You need to create a new cover letter for each application. It’s ok to edit a previous version but starting a new letter is the preferred choice.
  • If you are going to edit a previous version then be careful. You’re applying for a different role so please take time to read and re-read and ensure that you only include information relevant to the position you are currently applying for.
  • It shouldn’t be a generic cover letter. Look at the job spec and highlight on your letter how you match the criteria for the role.
  • Don’t waffle. Keep it concise and at the same time getting your point across.

It all sounds basic, but having been a Hiring Manager for over 20 years I’ve lost count of the number of poorly written cover letters that I’ve seen and ultimately ignored!

Remember, this is your first introduction to the Hiring Manager and you need to make a good first impression!

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